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A caravan inspection will consist of a thorough check of the following:


Hitch jockey wheel and damper condition and operation

Wheels and tyres, condition and age

   Handbrake operation

Road light function

Gas installation, condition and function, including pressure test

Visual inspection of all awning rails, window apertures and body joins for integrity of sealing


 Operation of water pump, fridge (on all relevant power sources), fire/heater, water heater (if fitted), Cooker

Operation of interior lighting both 12 and 240 volt

Full damp check

Operation of toilet, shower and taps where fitted

Visual inspection of fixtures and fittings and operation of door catches and hinges etc

Floor check for delamination.

Operation of all windows blinds and fly screens where fitted

Visual inspection of all upholstery and furnishing

Prices vary but generally start at £60 upwards depending on size of Caravan!

So come along and speak to us prior to you buying your New Caravan

We will give you a price and lots of advice

on how to go about buying your New Caravan

We look forward to helping you.

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